Foods you must try at Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu is the capital of the state of Sabah. The environment and scenery of Saba is truly enjoyable for tourists and locals, as well. Apart from these the foods of Kota Kinabalu are popular amongst many tourists and locals, too. These foods are delectable, light, and mouth-watering. You will want more of Kota Kinabalu’s foods. Desserts, rice, noodles- you name it and Kota Kinabalu would provide you with a list of options.

Chicken chop noodles - the chicken is deep fried and the batter is crispy. This is served on top of egg noodles that are covered with sweet soy sauce. The fried chicken is sweet due to the sweet soy sauce. The fried chicken and the saltiness of the egg noodles make for an amazing combination.

Spicy chicken rice - the chicken is marinated and then, deep fried. The chicken is served with rice and it is enjoyed many foreigners and locals.

Tom yam fried rice - the rice is fried and other ingredients of the dish include squid, lemongrass, tomatoes and those ingredients that are also used to make Tom yam soup. The dish is delicious as it is made in a way that there is a beautiful balance in sweetness and sourness of the dish.

Grilled sting ray - this mouth-watering dish comprises of the sting ray which is grilled with sambal sauce. It is served with fresh lime and chilies. The dish is mildly spicy though it is delicious as well. The lime juice adds to the tanginess of the dish. Grilled squids are prepared in the same way though they are served and made on banana leaves.

Zuppa Di Mare – seafood is generally prepared in white wine, olive oil and tomatoes. The dish is actually an Italian one and you can also opt for noodles, too. The dish is served with toasted garlic bread.

Polo Bun – the bun is soft cotton-like inside while it has a sweet and crunchy exterior. It is also known as a pineapple bun because of its golden-brown exterior.

Teh Tehrik - this is a hot beverage sold in Kota Kinabalu and in other part of Malaysia. Its name, translated in English, means ‘pulled tea’. The beverage is made of condensed milk, evaporated milk and black tea leaves. The beverage is often enjoyed with the Polo Bun and the Damai Roti Kahwin.

Damai Roti Kahwin - this dish is made up coconut, egg and butter in bread. The dish will melt as it enters your mouth. It was originally made in a kopitiam (coffee shop).

Custard buns - the buns are filled with custard, bean paste and/or peanut. The buns are made of flour, milk and sugar.

Prawn noodles – this dish comprises of yellow egg noodles in a broth made from prawns. The topping consists of fried shallots, boiled eggs and whole or sliced boiled prawns.

Touch Me Not Cake - this cake was first made in a Sandakan bakery and it is now made commercially produced and sold by many bakeries across the country. This delicious treat is made custard, flour and cream. Its content is rich, due to the custard and the cream, yet it is light, satisfying and delectable. You must try the touch me not cake.

Hence, you can see that Kota Kinabalu offers a variety of dishes that are famous amongst tourists and locals, too. These are only some of the delicious foods that Sabah has to offer. Many other dishes are made in restaurants. There is diversity even within these food choices. You would truly enjoy the dishes of Kota Kinabalu along with everything else this beautiful city has to offer.

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