Sabah - Land below the Wind

Sabah or most popularly known as “Land below the Wind” is one of the 13 member states of Malaysia and because of its location being in the most east side of the sate it is one the most promising part of the island to visit, if an individual is thinking of going on a vacation, either with friends or family.

Borneo is the island on which places like Sabah and Sarawak are located and Sabah being the second largest state in the country, followed by Sarawak, has myriad things to offer to its visitors. The island that Sabah is located on is one of the finest and the last original tropical island remaining and it would not be wrong to say that states like Sabah are those exotic islands such as Hawaii to this part of the world. Sabah and the states surroundings it are home to some the world’s most lush and centuries old rainforests, hence if you are one of those adventurous people who would want to explore mother nature at its best, then making a trip to Sabah would be just the right idea.

If we shine light on the population of Sabah, we come to know that it is ranked at the third number in regards to the number of people in Malaysia. Illegal immigration is also another alarming factor that contributes to the growing rate of population in Sabah, but the bright side is that it only adds to the culture and different ethnicity of people in Sabah. Talking about the people and different sorts of ethnicity found in Sabah, leaving out the indigenous people of Dayak would certainly be a crime. These particular sect of people would result in providing a platform for anthropologist to study their behaviour and also have the chance to see how and why they live the way they are. The tourists can get real idea of the people of jungle in this part of the world.

People in need to see the clear blue waters and want to unravel the secrets of the seas should visit Sabah, which offers in great abundance to its tourists the world’s best diving options. Also if we look into some the traditional festivities that Sabah has to offer, missing out on the food festival that happens every year would be a great minus, if you went to the state of Sabah and did not tasted on their exquisite cuisine. This food festival is organized by the government to promote the tourism in Sabah and it not only offers variety of local cuisines such as, Butod (Sago Worms), Hinta (buffalo meat eaten raw with lemon) and last but not the least Tutumakon (marine worms) plus many more, it also arranges different food competition of cooking, eating, and sale of many spices and food products of local quality. Food lovers should certainly visit Sabah, during the season of this festival. Other than this the food quality is top-notch in Sabah, and a typical meal would only cost you $2 to fulfill your appetite. Visit any local cafes or restaurants and you would not find yourself unsatisfied.

Sabah truly reflects the culture and traditions of Asia and incorporating many sorts of customs and rituals, it is the place to be if you are visiting Asia. It would not be wrong to say that it is a place full of treasures, which need to be discovered by the tourists to see the wonders of the nature.

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