The delicious foods of Kota Kinabalu

Sabah is one of the thirteen states of Malaysia. The capital of the state is Kota Kinabalu and tourism has played an important role in economy of Sabah. Tourists often come to Sabah to enjoy themselves and to relax by taking a break from their daily routines. Apart from its gorgeous scenery, beautiful resorts and soothing environment, Kota Kinabalu is very well-known for its foods.

Rice lovers are in for a treat- biryani is a favorite of many tourists. The base ingredient is rice- the Malays love rice. Many spices are added to the dish to make it more sensational and spicy because Malaysians are, generally, a huge fan of spicy foods. Chicken is added to the dish as well. The chicken and the rice are made separately and then, combined once they are made to add to the taste of the dish. Other ingredients added to the dish are potatoes and boiled eggs. Sometimes chutney and raita are given, separately, as well, to help reduce the spiciness of the dish in case you are not a big fan of spicy foods. Vegetarian versions of the dish are available, too. You will want more of the dish!

If you want a good dessert you would love the touch me not cake. The cake was made in a bakery at Kota Kinabalu but as it gained popularity, it was made and served commercially. Its ingredients are simple, yet the dish is so delicious. The cake is made of custard, cream and flour- it is quite popular amongst tourists. Another dessert that you would enjoy is the Damai Roti Kahwin- a dish which locals love. It was made at a Kopitiam in Kota Kinabalu It is made of bread, cold butter and Kaya. You must order the Teh Tehrik (tea) along with this- this truly is a delicious treat. The tea is made of condensed milk, evaporated milk and black tea leaves. Once you have these, rest assured, you’ll want more.

Noodle lovers would truly enjoy the beef brisket noodles. It is made of beef, broth and the base ingredient is, as the name suggests, noodles. You would enjoy the tenderness of the beef and the combination of the three ingredients. The dish is a favorite amongst beef and noodle lovers alike!

As a noodle lover and a tourist you must eat the Tom Yam noodles. The dish is mildly spicy. Coconut milk is used to make the broth of the soup. The dish also consists of noodles of your choice. Finally, the dish is topped off with prawns and other seafood, too.

It would be a sin if you went to Kota Kinabalu and did not try the seafood that restaurants have to offer. The Creamy Buttered Crab is an amazing dish. Butter is the main ingredient. The butter adds to the fragrance and the delectability of the dish. This combined with the fragrance and tastes of the spices that are tossed in make for a delicious, mouth-watering combination. You can try the dry butter or the creamy butter- the creamy butter is richer, though heavier, than the dry butter.

The spicy chicken wings, another favorite of many tourists and locals, are marinated in a sauce (no one knows the recipe of the sauce as it is a secret) and then, barbecued over a grill. Some lime juice is used to add to the flavor of the dish, too. One wing would not suffice- you would want more of these wings.

Kota Kinabalu, as can be seen above, has diverse range of foods which tourists and locals enjoy.

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