Delicious foods that Sabah has to offer

Malaysia has rapidly become a favorite of many foreigners and tourists. Its economy has greatly benefitted due to the inflow of tourists, honeymooners, and foreigners who come here to take a break from their work and just to enjoy their time off with their family. Sabah is one of the thirteen states of Malaysia and tourism has contributed majorly to the economy of Sabah, too. Apart from the scenery and the environment tourists (and locals) truly enjoy the foods that Sabah has to offer.

Malaysia is primarily a Muslim country but many restaurants do serve foods with pork for non-muslim. Pork lovers would love the following dishes-
Deep fried pork noodle-the pork is deep fried in bread crumbs. This acts as a topping on noodles and pork broth. The dish is simple, yet delicious. It is a favorite amongst many foreigners who love pork.

Pork dumplings - the pork is minced and so, the dish is made of minced pork, vegetables and spices in a thin layer of dough and then, fried in the pan. The meat juice stays in the wrapping and adds to the flavor of the dumplings.

If you are a pork lover you would love the pork steamed buns (also known as bao). These are served in many coffee shops, nowadays. Though the buns can be stuffed with other meat types (such as chicken), the pork steamed bun is a favorite of many tourists.

Here is a list of foods for noodle lovers consisting of noodles as their base ingredients:

Clay pot noodles and pan mee - there are two versions of this dish: one of these consists of a pork broth. Deep fried egg noodles are cooked in these, too. Other ingredients such as meat and deep fried anchovies are thrown in to add to the flavor. The second version is similar to Japanese Ramen. The flat noodles are made by hand and these are served with minced meat, sliced mushrooms and leafy vegetables and an egg in a soup.

Roasted Duck Noodles - a whole duck is dipped into sauce and then, roasted over charcoal. Till the skin is crispy and golden on the outside while the meat of the duck is juicy and tender on the inside. This is served with noodles and makes for an appetizing and filing dish.

It would be a shame if you went to Sabah without trying its seafood. Below is a list of delectable seafoods:

Baked cheese crab - the meat of the crab is flaked and mixed with seasoning, cheese and other ingredients. The cheese, as is obvious, is baked. These are stuffed into the shell of the crab after which these are baked with mozzarella cheese topping on the crab.

Golden Aroma Chili Crab - the spices are heated to release any flavor within them. The crabs are, then, prepared in curry spices in a hot wok. Curry leaves are added to these to add to the flavor and to the fragrance. In restaurants these are also known as kam hiong hai.

Golden egg yoke coated prawn - the prawns in the dish are huge. They are stir fried in salty egg yoke along with curry leaves and butter. These are quite expensive though.

So, Sabah has a number of dishes that are famous worldwide and favored by many foreigners. This is just a small list of some of the dishes that its restaurants have to offer. Noodles, rice and pork are just some of the base ingredient that it has to offer. Sabah’s desserts (coconut pudding and the touch me not cake) are liked by many, as well.

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