Where to eat in Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu is the capital city of the state of Sabah which is one of the 13 states of Malaysia. Sabah is famous amongst tourist because of its sights, wildlife, cuisines and foods. The state is also home to a number of dishes and desserts which were originally made here before they were commercialized. The foods of Sabah are popular amongst many tourists and there are many eating spots where one can enjoy the foods and desserts of the state. In fact some of the foods that became popular later on were made at some of these eating spots. Below is a list of places where one can eat in Kota Kinabalu.

Kopitiams – these are coffee shops and while one would imagine that these are fancy and elegant, they are not. Kopitiams are coffee shops which serve cheap foods and drinks for the locals. Many locals can be seen here, chit chatting loudly and the food is ordered and made on the spot.  In fact one of Kota Kinabalu’s famous foods was made and discovered here initially: the Damai Roti. Fans are used to keep the place cool, instead of air conditioners.

Pubs and cafes – a number of pubs and cafes can be found in the Kota Kinabalu. Tourists can enjoy a variety of Malaysian beverages (hot and cold) here and have a good time. For those interested in beers and spirits, these are widely available at these places. Many local drinks and imported franchises are available here, too such as Starbucks (which is quite popular in Kota Kinabalu) and other such franchises. Some of the cafes are well-known for the food they offer as well. Unlike Kopitiams, the pubs and cafes are designed and decorated in an elegant and modern décor imitating international and western cafes and pubs.

Mamaks – these can be seen on a number of roadsides. Though these were initially opened up by Indian Muslims as stalls, they became popular amongst the younger crowd who were looking to take a break from their schools and everyday lives and eat and enjoy nice, cheap food. Students can often be found drinking Teh Tehrik (Malaysian tea) with Damai Roti or other such foods while relaxing and chit chatting with their friends during their free slots and after school.

Medan Selera – if you are interested in eating snacks and savory foods or taking them with you, these night markets would be suitable for you. You will find many foods here such as the Touch Me Not cake and the Damai Roti. If you are looking for foods that keep you full, these are available here as well. The locals often come to shop here for their household items. It is convenient for them because these are open at night, too.

Fine-dining restaurants – many tourists do not mind spending a little extra cash in such restaurants. After all it’s not every day that one gets to enjoy the beauty of Sabah and its delectable foods. If you are willing to splurge a little, fine-dining restaurants serve delicious foods that will leave you wanting more. These restaurants serve a variety of foods and cuisines. Hakka, Chinese, Indian and Malaysian foods are, all, available at these restaurants. The services offered in these restaurants are excellent and some of them are recognized as five-star restaurants that are capable of competing with international restaurants. Though expensive, every penny that you spend here will be worth it. The foods are presented beautifully and you will find different foods and cuisines on their menus.

All in all, Kota Kinabalu has many places where one can find good and cheap foods, in case you are looking to save some cash. There are also some places where the foods are a bit pricey though the food is such that you would want to eat more!

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