Sabah and its exotic foods

Sabah is one (out of thirteen) of the member states of Malaysia and is located to the east. It is the second largest state, the first being Sarawak. The region is prone to typhoons because of which it is also referred to as The Land below the Wind. Sabah also faces power shortages due to which its industrial development is affected. Tourism has greatly contributed to the economy of this beautiful state. The state is famous for its beauty and for its exotic foods. Some of the foods of the region are mentioned below:

Dried Prawns of Sandakan – since Sabah does not have the facilities to freeze dry these prawns they are preserved using salt. They are boiled and then dried in the sun while the salt does not affect its taste. These can be served with normal foods rather than as a whole dish and they are often served in grounded form. The prawns are found in the bay of Sandakan and have a unique taste for this reason.

Biryani - Malaysian foods have been influenced by other countries within the Asian continent- primarily India and China. Biryani, an Indian dish, has rice as its main ingredient. Many sensational spices are added to the dish as the Malays love spicy food. Other ingredients include chicken, boiled eggs and potatoes which add to the taste of the rice. Not only is the dish delicious, but it is also filling.

Touch Me Not Cake - this cake is Sabah’s specialty because it was first made in a Sandakan bakery and it is now made commercially by many bakeries in Malaysia. This delicious treat has custard, flour and cream. It is rich, because of the custard and the cream, yet light and satisfying. Anyone visiting Sabah must try this cake.

Kota Kinabalu is the capital of the state of Sabah. The foods tourists can find her are exquisite, mouth-watering and sensational. They are also expensive but worth every penny.

Wan Wan Fish Noodle – these noodles are served at Kota Kinabalu’s most famous restaurant, Wang Wang restaurant. Admittedly, the dish is expensive but it is quite delicious and popular amongst tourists. The noodle is a dish of its own and it contains fried shallots, green onions and minced chicken. There are two soup bases that one can eat these with- tom yam which is the spicier one and then there is the normal soup base which is not spicy at all.

Coconut Pudding – the coconut pudding is another specialty of Sabah. The pudding is served in a unique way: it is served in a coconut shell with the flesh of the coconut. The dish is delectable and since coconut has a cooling effect on the body, it will help cool your body in the heat during the day.

Ikkan Panggang - the dish is made of grilled stingray and cooked on a banana leaf. It is truly amazing and it is served with sambal and fresh lime juice.
Chicken Wings – though the name of the dish makes it sound ordinary and much like any other dish consisting of wings, it is not as it is made in a special way that no one has been able to figure out! Whatever the secret may be, this dish is amazing and will leave you wanting more.

Damai Roti Kahwin – this dish was initially made at a kopitiam (coffee shop) called Foo Yuen. The bread melts as it goes into your mouth. The locals often have this with Teh Tehrik which is hot tea made from black tea leaves, evaporated milk and condensed milk.

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